Be the Light


Be the Light


As the light reflects the faceted crystals, let this remind you to always shine your own light unto this world.....

Hematite - is an excellent grounding and protective stone. It helps to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. Hematite can bring balance to the yin-yang meridians. It helps to resolve negativity and to prevent negative energy from entering the aura. This stone is said to help boost self-esteem, remove self limitations and bring about confidence.

Bronzite - is beneficial to help feel grounded and allowing for change in a harmonious way. Known as the 'Stone of Courtesy' it can facilitate a sense of stillness, therefore allowing one to be objective and see the bigger picture.

Black Lava - Stabilizing and grounding, strong connection to Earth/Root chakra. Renewing, protecting, helps to strengthen resolve in times of change.

Pyrite - Resonates with Fire energy, a stone of action & will. Draws energy from the Earth into the aura to shield against negative energies. Stimulates second & third chakra.

Picture Jasper - Harmonizes. Helps to alleviate fears & surface hidden emotions. Stimulates immune system, cleanses kidneys.

each layer 7" length | stretchy elastic


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