Hello Gorgeous!

What is a Mala you ask?  Good question :)

Quite simply the word mala is Sanskrit for garland and they have been used for centuries as a meditation tool. Malas are strung using 108 beads with a 109th bead that is referred to as the 'guru' or 'bindu' stone. Traditionally malas are used for japa meditation, which means the reciting of a mantra as you meditate and run your thumb along the beads, allowing your mind to be free.  

Our mala necklaces are strung using semi precious stones, crystals, wooden materials and seeds from the Rudraksha tree. We also take our own unique spin on tradition by strategically incorporating different metals and Czech glass spacers to our pieces, giving them an added touch of chic style and beauty.

Whether you choose to use your Mala for meditation, or simply for its style and energetic vibes, you will be supported along your holistic journey.

*Please note that these products are intended to be spiritual supports for healing and should not under any circumstance take the place of professional healthcare information and prescriptions or to be used to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.